Please Call: Stockton (209) 337-3100                                         Reno (775) 323-8273


Intercept LAB Services is a lab and collection site. We use the Thermal Fisher Analyzer and Paracelsus software for data storage and immediate notification that goes straight to your inbox.

We provide testing for all court compliance and collaborative programs including DUI Court, Pre-Trial Supervision, Drug Court, Family Court, and Reentry Court throughout throughout Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus Counties. We use BEST PRACTICE STANDARDS.

  • Results within as little as 30 minutes and with our state of the art software you receive immediate notification directly to your email
  • Diagnostic integrity through barcode sample identification
  • Exceeds Drug Court evidence-based testing
  • Used in Drug Courts throughout the United States


For more information please contact Intercept Lab Services (209-337-3100) or Intercept Offender Monitoring (209-684-9001).